The things I’ve learned while having a work life and studying for my dream Career

Having a job is like having a purpose in life. Some jobs can be tough like being a Police Officer, Security Guard, Paramedic or even being an Actor/Actress can have it’s tough times. Graphic Designers also have it rough too; I speak of this as experience from having a rough time in poor communication skills… That I’m not lying about that’s for sure. 

My experience in my jobs are different in many ways. Having good communication has it’s most positive factors on the job site and having a manager or editor have faith in the worker to do an excellent job. Feedback or meetings could play as another benefit to update the employees to be up-to-date with the current information or job site changes are vital to be flexible and have a great adjustment. Personally all of this is the most important thing to have so that I can be aware what’s going on and keeps me in track what are the essentials to the workplace or sales.

  • The jobs I’ve had in the past we’re both good and bad. It really depends what happens during the time while working there. Every workplace has it’s pros and cons. While working on a manual labour type job I was always on my feet and moving around everywhere, the only thing I only complained about it was the hot heat from the sun while wearing jeans and a t-shirt; my only solution… is having a good amount of water with me! 🙂
  • Working at a store as a Customer Service representative and Cashier I kept myself well organized, providing excellent service for the customers either it’s looking for a product, returns, or providing them information for ordering items that were not on stock. My only issue was at the time there was somebody who was there as a co-worker literally was targeting me because she thinks I’m not doing my job and continuously was saying what I should or should not do when I informed a few managers so they know I had an emergency. 

After the rough events that happened at the one job I decided to move onto the next thing, College… While thinking of what I wanted to work on next is either go as a Computer Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, or Web & Print Production Artist. After talking to one of the Career Advisors at Herzing College, my greatest strengths out of all three subjects was the Web & Print Production Artist. Throughout my life I have always put my heart into my arts and crafts, while I enrolled into this program and living in Winnipeg was tough but I endured as I practised something that hardly anybody knows about in the general world we live in. The experience in learning all of the subjects in one year was…very challenging and extremely difficult along with having to live in a city I have no experience in living while walking down Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

The subjects in the course were done by the same level as a student going into Red River College but condensed to one half of the time expected to be. While at this course I’ve been put into a challenge in learning how to create Visual Communication.

My very first subject ever done was Typography (the art or process with type), it was one of the subjects I will not forget because there is so much about it, it will blow your mind how much there is about type in different fonts, formats, fonts, typefaces, layout, difference between serif and sans serif, kerning, tracking, anatomy of type,colour type, etc. 
Here’s a crash course what Typography is…


History of Graphic Design part two was the next subject on a bi-daily basis with Typography… While learning the history and advanced part of graphic design, I’ve learned quite a lot on how things are put together with many many different types of unity and how to use colours correctly and more history about famous artists like Leonardo Da’Vinci, and many more…


After words we were introduced to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. From this day there are things I’m currently learning and using from either online research or from my very own  thesis to test out new methods and ideas. I will be brief about these programs since all of Adobe Creative Suite is quite large and can be used for mostly anything for print and visual communication. I’ll shorten the blog entry by putting the other programs and other things I’ve learned.

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustration, InDesign)
  • Designing on Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint
  • 3D Animation with Maya
  • Photoshop with older versions of the program into advanced work.
  • 2D animation with Micromedia Flash MX (now called Adobe Flash)
  • HTML, XHTML, CSS, and other website essentials
  • Making interactive PDF files with InDesign